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Fire & Ice Entertainment Group/Network has been blessed and is ecstatic to have been afforded first dibs on the opportunity of a lifetime.  We are extremely proud to introduce, to the world, the calming, refreshing,  and reassuring blessed voice of Reverend Doctor Angelo R. Berry.  His vocal gifts and stylings deliver a profound and provocative sound that leaves one spiritually spellbound.  God has innately blessed him and gifted this man with a powerful and soulful voice that beckons one to want to hear more from this emerging artist.  We've only just begun this musical journey, and if his first featured collaboration with Jeff Logan-"Crucified" is indicative of things to come, we're all in store for more glorious times in the future.  We can't wait for you to hear him.  Matter of fact, we're so convinced that he is the next musical superstar, on the horizon, that we're telling you that it won't matter what genre this man sings, you'll just want him to give you more.  That's why you'll also be hearing his sanctified voice on upcoming neo-Soul and Smooth Jazz releases too.  God's favor is on display in this artist's musical flavor. Amen!

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