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scorching and soothing entertainment

Raising the independent artists' music bar, to a new legion of fans, to an unparalleled atmospheric altitude is our entertainment group's mission.  We stand behind this mission statement because Fire & Ice Entertainment Group already has vetted and culminated a catalogue of coveted compositions (Gospel, R&B, Social Commentary, Soundtrack) that are being released, and already owns the rights, through a significant acquisition, of a vast vault of music yet to be released.  Jeff Logan is the first artist, to be released (May 2022) and there are amazingly gifted and talented acts being signed that are anxiously waiting, in the wings, for their debut releases 2022-2023. Believe us when will share with you that F&IEG is positioned to emerge as one of those companies you'll be water-cooler talking about more and more, as you and others become aware of the cultivated, cultured and contagious tapestry of tenacious talent we'll be delivering to the world.  We'll win you over, fan by fan, as you immerse yourself in our artistry.  You'll feel the scorch.  That's the "FIRE".  Then you'll be enveloped in the cool residual experience.  That's the "Ice".  Combine the two polar opposites, and then you'll get swept away in the cascading waterfall of hypnotizing musical genius.  We're set on winning you over to our niche of independent artists who you will form a love affair with by wanting to be connected in a daily relationship because of our musicianship.  We're going to create a lifestyle change where you won't want to change your dial.  You're going to want to listen and watch us 24/7, so you won't only be able to hear us, but you'll be able to watch on on our currently being developed synchronized and asynchronized radio and television station.  Stay tuned!

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