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The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it's an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first. Fire & Ice Entertainment Group has overseen the freshmen birth of its first release, Jeff Logan's "Victory Part One-Smooth Gospel".  The first single, ""Victory" is already rising in popularity around the globe.  Take a listen and tell us what you think?  Be on the ground floor with us, but hold on, as we take this quantum meteoric musical journey. If this song and this EP aren't being featured or played on your current favorite radio station(s) yet, ask them for it.  But don't fret, you'll be able to exclusively hear our music on our own radio station and watch our music videos, on our own television station real soon. To find out more about upcoming and current releases, from Fire & Ice Entertainment Group, feel free to reach out.

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Blue Record

Fire & Ice Entertainment Network will become known for releasing singles and albums people love listening to. This is our first release which we hope will soon be shooting up the music charts. Check it out to get an idea of the talents that will help make Fire & Ice Entertainment Network the incredible music label it already is but you're going to discover. If you’ve got any questions regarding this amazing album, feel free to get in touch.

This album has been greatly anticipated by insiders and of course us at Fire & Ice Entertainment Network.  So much has gone into the making and publicity surrounding this release, and Fire & Ice Entertainment Network is proud to be associated with such a wonderful project.

This is our new foray into going public with this newest release, courtesy of all of us at Fire & Ice Entertainment Network. If you liked Jeff's last work, it’s guaranteed you’ll love this album.  Go to any of the popular digital stores to purchase your very own copy.

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