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Our Sanctified, Saved and Sultry Songstress

Fire & Ice Entertainment Group loves finding, cultivating and presenting undiscovered musical gems to the masses and the world.  We've found such a precious and rare musical  gem in discovering a diamond diva with an alluring and captivating voice.  She goes by the stage name and persona of "Nelle", but trust she is down to earth.  She is a true soprano with a whispering vibrato that segues into a full throated but controlled high octave siren piercing through your core and penetrating your heart and soul. She is also the voice you hear on our radio station doing the voice-overs:
You'll be hearing great things from this mighty woman of God.  Her first release, "All I Know" debuts on August 6, 2022 along with an accompanying music video on the youTube channel of Jeff Logan Muzique, and the single will be available on August 8, 2022 around the world.  Stay tuned!


Coming Soon!!!


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Coming Soon!!!



A #1 Hit

Jeff is busy!!!  He's working on putting the signature and final touches on the launch of the radio station and television station while simultaneously curating the label's expansive catalog for future releases.  Oh yeah, did we fail to mention that he is also actively working on acquiring other marquee artists for the label and emerging network?
Moreover, he'll be collaborating with several other artists, prior to the end of 2022, to bring you more Smooth Gospel, neo-Soul/R&B and Smooth Jazz.  Jeff likes to say, "...stay tuned, find your connection, get connected, and stay connected!"  Sounds like a wise mantra to us, how about you?

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